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Ten things to simplify your day

Nobody likes to be overworked – this much is true.  There are even some of us that don’t like working at all, but, hey, you’ve got to pay the bills somehow.  What so many people don’t understand when it comes to applying themselves in the workplace and motivating themselves to get the job done is that it takes a minimal amount of effort to work smarter and more efficiently – here are just a few ideas as to ways in which you can make your working life simpler.

  1. Prioritise Correctly.

You might well be tempted to leave the more difficult or time-consuming tasks until last – after all, you’re only human – but the fact is, these jobs will still be there at the end of your shift if you don’t get them out of the way sooner rather than later.  It’s a no-brainer – do you really want to be left with the difficult stuff when you’re about ready to leave at 4:55pm?  Thought not.  Burn through the big stuff early and your day will go quicker.

  1. Save Yourself Time in Future.

If you work from home or in an office and rely upon word processing, databases and spreadsheets, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be kinder to your future self.  Why not create yourself a template or two, or a formula or three for when you need to write future documents or organise statistics for future needs?

  1. A Clear Desk is a Clear Mind.

It’s a cliché, but it’s true.  A cluttered desk not only inspires distraction but can also inspire negative emotions – a clear desk enhances productivity and may even help you find the day goes a bit quicker.

  1. Make Lists.

Listing is organising.  There is absolutely no point wading into multiple tasks without having some sort of rationale or routine – otherwise, you run the risk of losing track and becoming overwhelmed.  Plan ahead, again, for your future self’s sake.

  1. Stay Away From Social Media and Email.

Email and Facebook (and the like) are responsible for draining considerable time from our lives and they are particularly demonic when it comes to trying to apply ourselves in the workplace.  It is far too easy to decide to share a meme or two on social media than to really apply ourselves to the world of desk work – meaning that your productivity will be much better off keeping certain tabs closed.

  1. Take One Step at a Time.

While multitasking may be a valuable skill when it comes to everyday life and chores etc – when it comes to taking on jobs in the workplace, there’s nothing worse than getting clouded.  Take on and finish one job at a time, and you’ll be much clearer-minded for it.

  1. Don’t Focus on Perfection.

Focusing on getting everything done too perfectly could not only end up leaving your with neglected projects and tasks elsewhere, but also with an over-egged pudding.  While your focus will be to work hard and work well, applying too much focus to any one task is asking for trouble.

  1. Get In The Zone.

Colleagues, social media and other distractions are all well and good if you’re having a particularly rough or slow day of it – but it’s important to try and block out as much as you can until you get the job done.  Would you want a reputation as someone who is easily distracted?  Thought not!

  1. Keep Track.

Keeping track of your goals and just how far you’ve come is extremely important, as it will inspire you to keep moving, keep improving, and to take pride in your work.

  1. Take Breaks.

Take it easy for a change.  No one is built to be a 24/7 workaholic, even if it seems as if your boss expects you to be.  Take regular intervals, and take your time with the work you have to complete.  After all, no one likes a rushed job, and just about everyone you work with and for will thank you for it.

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