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100 Reasons to be happy

 We all search for something in life. Some of us look for love, some of us look for career and success, while some of us look for money and wealth. We set our targets, we chase them and sometimes we even reach them. However, does it really make us happy when we reach them?

Can we even find a lasting happiness in love, money or career? When it comes to career and money, we know that we can always get more.

There is always more to reach and even if we reach what we want, we still want more and more. Things are a little bit more complicated when it comes to love, because no matter how strong it is in the beginning, love can slowly wear down as it stands the test of time.

As we chase our ambitions in our life, we keep hoping that finally we will be happy when we reach the income or career level we want, or find the love of our life. While we chase for our ambitions, we keep postponing happiness. Yet, we never completely feel that our ambitions are fulfilled so we never actually reach the happiness we seek. Continue Reading