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Finding happiness whilst grieving

For so many people, the beginning of a new year is filled with positivity and anticipation, as the family festivities of the end of the year die down and routines get back to normal, there is a sense of motivation for what the year ahead may bring.

And that’s where I was at the beginning of 2016 until, on the morning of the 18th January, I had a phone call to tell me my Uncle had suddenly passed away. All of a sudden all the excitement and planning for the year had to be put on a shelf whilst the inevitable formalities following the death of a family member had to be focused on, not to mention helping my five-year-old son understand mortality for the first time. Continue Reading

100 Reasons to be happy

 We all search for something in life. Some of us look for love, some of us look for career and success, while some of us look for money and wealth. We set our targets, we chase them and sometimes we even reach them. However, does it really make us happy when we reach them?

Can we even find a lasting happiness in love, money or career? When it comes to career and money, we know that we can always get more.

There is always more to reach and even if we reach what we want, we still want more and more. Things are a little bit more complicated when it comes to love, because no matter how strong it is in the beginning, love can slowly wear down as it stands the test of time.

As we chase our ambitions in our life, we keep hoping that finally we will be happy when we reach the income or career level we want, or find the love of our life. While we chase for our ambitions, we keep postponing happiness. Yet, we never completely feel that our ambitions are fulfilled so we never actually reach the happiness we seek. Continue Reading

5 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude

I was recently sitting in a coffee shop on my own, enjoying my coffee and watching the world go by.

I began to think about life and how easy it is for us to focus on all the things we are lacking. Too often we overlook all of the wonderful things we have in our life while striving to achieve more of the things we think we are missing.

Regularly practising gratitude is a great way to refocus your attention onto all the reasons you have in your life to be grateful.

Here are 5 easy ways to practice gratitude that work for me:

Go for a walk

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How to stop taking things for granted and feel blessed

We’ve all been there.

At some point we stop living in the present and stop feeling grateful. Somewhere along the way we lose a sense of what we have around us. We start taking for granted our friends and family, we don’t enjoy our work and everything becomes a chore.

We become so focused on the future and the person that we could be, that we neglect to realise that we are living our real life right now. Having this mind set can cause us to mistreat people or not live authentically to ourselves. Failing to see what is all around us causes us to lose sight of what really matters.

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