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How do you get your children excited for Eid

Eid is always a very special time for families, and it can be a fun and exciting time for children if you get them involved. I want my son to look forward to Eid in the same way that the grown-ups do, so we try to make it as fun as possible!

You can give gifts if you want, that’s definitely one way to get the kids excited, but it’s the experiences and memories you create which will really make them look forward to it each year. These are my tips for getting your children excited for Eid:

Put up special decorations

Give your kids a role in decorating the house in preparation for Eid, so they feel part of the events. This will also help them see a physical difference in the house in the run up to Eid, making it a bit more special to them. We hang balloons and lights, and make banners together that say ‘Eid Mubarak’ to put up around the house. Continue Reading