How do you motivate yourself on “off” days

We all have those days where we just don’t feel motivated to do anything. Eating cookies and binge watching Scandal is often a desired prescription for many. But what if we decided to brush off the cookie crumbs, jump out of our comfort zone and find motivation in unlikely places? I’ve listed four ways to beat the blues and discover something new.

Go for a walk

Nothing motivates you to exercise more than slipping into your shiny new Lululemons, right? You promise yourself you’ll go to the gym because that’s what ‘proper adults’ do.  Then as your heading out the door you realise you don’t have a gym membership and your now just a person in stylish work out gear. But don’t fret! There’s a park nearby! Fire-up the tunes and walk like your life depended on it.  Being out in the fresh air beats the sweaty gym any day of the week.  The outdoors provides plenty of possibilities to get a little bit lost and discover a new neighbourhood. Feeling those endorphins pumping is all the motivation we need.

Treat Yo’ Self

Parks and Recreation brought to light the importance of ‘the best day of the year,’ with all its excess and glamour. You might not have the streets of Beverly Hills at your disposal, but there are plenty of ways to give yourself a much needed motivational boost. Why not book a spa day and splurge on that ‘it’ bag that you’ve been eyeing for months? It’s even better if you go with a friend and enjoy some purely decadent behaviour. But remember no matter what you do, ‘treat yo’ self!’

Be a tourist in your own city

We see the same things day in and day out – it’s monotonous. But today is all about beating the monotony. Why not head off sightseeing for the morning and learn some local history? There’s sure to be an open-top bus tour in your city. You could then spend the afternoon having high tea at a local hotel, ditching your usual haunts. To add some extra spontaneity to your day, head to the local theatre and see what’s on that night. Whether it is an improve show or the latest must-see musical, book it. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Do what is fun for others

Gretchen Rubin, an expert on motivational habits, advises that what you like might not be what other people like.  That’s a given, you’re thinking, but what does your best friend like to do? Why not see how they might like to spend their day and join them. They might like to drive around the countryside visiting small village tea shops. You could spend the day vintage dress shopping. It could be that your parents love hiking, so maybe join them. You and a friend could arrange to do a random exercise class at your local leisure centre. That class might be a bit of a challenge for you, but you’ll be around people who love doing it. And that is all the motivation you’ll need.

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