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Do You Have a Morning Routine?

Successful people have a good morning routine. They don’t just wake up and hope for the best; they have a plan. A focus. A tried-and-tested way of getting from where they are when they wake up, to where they want to be. I have long admired people who have the discipline to stick to a good morning routine so I have made it my focus this month to start every morning well hoping that, after 30 days, my mornings will be calm and productive rather than hurried and stressful. Continue Reading

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A Gradual Approach to Healthy Living

It would seem incredible to those born a century ago that today’s adults need to be educated about making the right choices for our bodies, but changes in food, work, and leisure activities over the generations mean that, despite advances in modern medicine, we are unhealthier than our great-grandparents!

The Department of Health reports that a third of people in England die before they turn 75, and of these “early” deaths, 100,000 a year are avoidable because they are deaths where a person’s actions (such as being overweight and inactive) could be directly attributed to their cause of death. It’s scary stuff!

The rising number in avoidable, lifestyle influenced illness and death is a trend which clearly needs to change, and it starts with healthy living. To live healthily is to make the best choices for your body and mind. It is moderating elements we know cause poor physical and mental health, such as lack of exercise, and stress, and consciously choosing to treat ourselves with care and respect. Continue Reading