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3 Delicious Ideas for Cheap and Easy Weekday Dinners

Weeknight dinners should be tasty and involve minimal effort on behalf of the chef. Instead of reaching for ready-meals packed with nasties, why not add these budget meals into your weekly menu.

  1. DIY Pizzas

Pizzas are quick to prepare, fast to cook, and popular with children. That’s a win on all levels in our house! Homemade pizzas are also a fantastic way to involve kids with cooking and teach them healthy habits from a young age. You can either make them using pitta bread bases, or throw together a no-rising-required pizza dough. As well as being a clever way to incorporate vegetables, pizzas are useful for using up things like leftover chicken. Continue Reading

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Meal Planning for Kids

Some children will eat exactly what they are given without complaint. I envy their parents. My son, while not rejecting everything outright, does not always share my taste in food which means I need to meal plan with him in mind. It is not practical to have two separate meal plans each week but it is possible to choose dinners which can easily be adapted to suit both of us. Here’s how.

What Does Your Child Eat?

Write a list of all the foods you know your child will eat regularly, such as pasta, chicken, cheese, broccoli, potatoes, etc. This will be the basis for your weekly menu. If you have a really fussy eater focus on getting the best quality food into them that you can. Write down the foods they absolutely hate and will not eat. You may have to find a substitute for these if they are a critical ingredient in a dish the rest of your family likes.

I plan at least five evening meals a week that I know my child will eat without fuss. I am determined to broaden his palate but I can’t face more than two nights of protests and tantrums a week! On these nights I always include something I know he will eat, but which isn’t his favourite.

Kid Friendly Meal Plan

If you have never meal planned before you may find the process a little slow, but trust me that it does get quicker and soon you’ll wonder how you got by without it! I start my meal plan with my calendar near me so I can see what after school activities we have during the week. I then look to see what ingredients I have that need using up, and base my meal choices around that. A typical week could be: Continue Reading

5 Easy and Delicious Breakfasts to Kick Start Your Day

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but that doesn’t make it the easiest. Some people really struggle to eat well in the morning either because they don’t have a lot of time, or because they don’t have much appetite. I used to be one of these people but over recent months I have become a complete convert to the benefits of quick, healthy breakfasts. Here are five of my favourites which I think you’ll love too.

  1. Bircher muesli

Continue Reading