100 Reasons to be happy

 We all search for something in life. Some of us look for love, some of us look for career and success, while some of us look for money and wealth. We set our targets, we chase them and sometimes we even reach them. However, does it really make us happy when we reach them?

Can we even find a lasting happiness in love, money or career? When it comes to career and money, we know that we can always get more.

There is always more to reach and even if we reach what we want, we still want more and more. Things are a little bit more complicated when it comes to love, because no matter how strong it is in the beginning, love can slowly wear down as it stands the test of time.

As we chase our ambitions in our life, we keep hoping that finally we will be happy when we reach the income or career level we want, or find the love of our life. While we chase for our ambitions, we keep postponing happiness. Yet, we never completely feel that our ambitions are fulfilled so we never actually reach the happiness we seek.

This habit of postponing happiness, become the source of our depressions as we start to long for the happier times in our past or childhood. This darkness can even trick us into thinking that we are a failure as we cannot completely fulfil our ambitions, which means we can never be happy.

Then what are we doing wrong? How can we break this cycle? Well, the first step is separating our ambitions from the happiness. Happiness is not something we have to fight for and reach. Happiness is omnipresent. It is everywhere but we still look for it in the wrong place.

We falsely think that happiness is deeply connected with our ambitions in life. We keep assuming that we will be happy in the end and this is exactly what we do wrong. Happiness is not at the end of the rainbow. The happiness is the rainbow itself!

Happiness is realising our achievements, not regretting what we could have done. Given the chance, all of us could do anything we want. However, the story of each of us is written differently. Thus, we must embrace our destiny and be happy for things it gives to us. Otherwise, we would seek the end of the rainbow forever. If you look around yourself, you can find hundreds of reasons to be happy. If you want to be happy, you have to stop chasing happiness.

Look inside, and find your treasure. The happiness is in nowhere else to find, but yourself. Yet, if you still cannot see it, let me show you one hundred reasons to be happy:

1. You are still alive,
2. As long as you live, there is nothing you cannot change,
3. There is always a relative or a friend who can support you
4. You can always make new friends
5. There is no single “right person”, there are many
6. If not already, sooner or later you will find one of your “right persons”, who will love you very very much,
7. Having a cosy place to live
8. You earn enough money to keep your tummy full
9. You and your loved ones are safe
10. You can always find water
11. You can always enjoy the sun rise
12. You can always enjoy the sun set
13. You can go anywhere you want, whenever you want
14. No one can make you feel bad, unless you let them
15. You do not have to listen to anybody
16. You are free, not prisoned or slaved
17. You can always resign
18. You can always do sports
19. You can always stay home and do your hobbies
20. You can always call your best friends
21. You can always find more hobbies
22. Your parents, friends and pets love you
23. You can still smell the rain
24. Sooner or later, the summer will come
25. You are healthy and you still survive
26. You can always enjoy the fresh air
27. You can always wear your favourite colour
28. You can always sing your favourite song as loud as you want
29. You can always enjoy the comfort of your home or bed
30. You can always have a party
31. There is no normal because what is normal is different for everybody
32. You are different, enjoy being such a unique pearl
33. You can still think straight and understand, you are not that old yet
34. You may be going through hard times, but you are not as naïve as you used to be anymore
35. The child inside you lives forever , all you should do is to remember her
36. You can always play a game or read a book when you are bored of this world
37. No one can touch your dreams, you can always imagine!
38. You are beautiful
39. They are jealous
40. You have parents and friend who cares about you
41. Your beloved one is thinking about you
42. You are where you are
43. Only you can define what success is
44. Life is beautiful
45. You may be going through hard times but you are learning a lot of things
46. Chocolate muffins
47. Cookies!
48. Chocolate
49. Pizza night!
50. Delicious burgers
51. Gummy bears
52. Fresh Bread
53. Chips and crisps
54. Ice cream
55. Marshmallows
56. Cheesecakes
57. Popcorn
58. Binging on junk food
59. Enjoying your favourite songs
60. Enjoying a sunny day
61. BBQ or Picnic!
62. Smell of beautiful flowers
63. Smell of freshly mowed grass
64. Smell of Pine trees in the forest
65. Your soulmate
66. Your dreams
67. Your creativity
68. Singing birds
69. Cats!
70. Dogs!
71. Bunnies
72. Squirrels, as long as they do not jump on you
73. The beauty of the night and moon
74. The beauty of the sun shining
75. Singing with your friends
76. Watching your favourite comedy series or films
77. Going to cinema or theatre
78. Your birthday is coming, sooner or later
79. You can always go to your favourite part of the city and enjoy the scene or the atmosphere
80. Waking up and realising you can sleep more
81. You can always help someone in need
82. You can always make yourself a nice tea or your favourite warm drink
83. You can always have a lovely warm shower to refresh
84. You can always wear your freshly washed pyjamas
85. You can always sleep in a bed with freshly washed sheets
86. Strawberries
87. Apples
88. Orange juice
89. Bananas!
90. Smell of newly bought electronics
91. Smell of a new car
92. A beautiful clear sky
93. Starry nights
94. Seeing a shooting star
95. Making a snowman
96. Building a sandcastle
97. Having anything and everything you value around you
98. You have also found this article, even the destiny wants you to be happy
99. You have an internet connection to read this article
100. Finally, You can always read more articles to be happy


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